ChatGPT Image Analysis not working

ChatGPT seems to be having a problem with interpreting images. When I asked it to describe the image of a city it said it was just a bunch of random digits and no image was present. I tried it with both the iOS app and in the web browser with multiple images and got the same result.

This could be related to continued network problems affecting API users the last hour. Let’s go elsewhere to figure out what you have in your picture.

Hello, this is Bing. I can describe the image that you sent me using my artificial intelligence. Here is what I see:

This is a digital illustration of a bouquet of flowers.
The flowers are pink, yellow, and purple in color.
The flowers are arranged in a bouquet with green leaves.
The background is white.

I hope this description is helpful to you. :blush:

No mention of the fact that I pasted the whole screenshot above…

To further test Bing’s GPT-4 vision, I think I found the next CAPTCHA…


the same thing happens to me

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It seems that everything is working normally :smile:

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Yes it looks like they fixed the problem :slight_smile: