ChatGPT CENSORSHIP: Calling out the devs to rethink their position

I have received this message


Multiple times this morning in the normal course of my work which is summarizing trending news stories. The first one was regarding Carl Weathers’ passing. The second was regarding an earthquake. These are not dangerous subjects and ChatGPT is getting censored to the point of being unusable. So we can’t talk about natural disasters or death, now? What’s next? This censorship is not helping the user experience and it’s absolutely detrimental to the general human experience. The devs at ChatGPT should not be allowed to censor our inputs to this degree. It is indicative of a small group of people (ChatGPT Devs) attempting to control the freedom of information and the press. I understand censoring things that are illegal or dangerous (I guess, to avoid any potential legal liability?) but now you can’t even write an article celebrating the life of a great actor or talking about earthquakes? This is ridiculous and unacceptable. I am asking for a refund for this month of service, and I am charging the devs at OpenAI to rethink their position and why they believe it’s their job to police and censor us, the paying user, to this degree.

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