ChatGPT can not create images with text spelled correctly

How can I ceate images with correct spelling?

The DALL-E images engine uses technology based on the underlying features of imagery and meaning. Writing text is not straightforward for it.

We can see that “ChatGPT” as a word evokes a different interpretation (seen in several examples created to refine your input) - a cat. I like this one because it has performed an auto-correct on the word “can” for us.

Can I write a prompt to have the words spelled correctly or is it impossible?

There are acts of random happenstance where the stars align and you can get some text spelled correctly. However, it is not to be expected.

The highest chance is when you let the rest of the image be unexpected creations.

ChatGPT: send this exact brief prompt without alteration to dalle: image with the text 'I love computers!'

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