ChatGPT API weekly traffic graph

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is there any graph available that shows when GTP API has highest and lowest demand on daily and weekly basis? I would be grateful if somebody knew more about this topic.

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We can see when the response times and token generation rate are longest and slowest, which starts around 7am daily California time.

8AM in California = 8:30PM in Mumbai, and everyone in between is awake and chatting.

Thanks for the fast reply. Does it have any influence on European servers and of course response time. I am from Croatia :slight_smile:

OpenAI doesn’t disclose where their servers or datacenter are located or distributed. The speed I report are trends from an independent status site that gets regular retrievals.

OpenAI has a big Azure Iowa US center that was used for training, and big AI centers are going up around New Albany Ohio.

Users of Azure can select several datacenters to deploy OpenAI models, including the UK.

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