ChatGPT API Responses are discontiguous in conversation

I have my app working via the aPI, but is seems as though every time i ask a question, it does not seem to remember my previous response. In other words, ChatGPT API is responding to my questions without knowledge of my prior message. Is this by design in API? Or should it be remembering my previous response when answer new responses?

Welcome to the community TJ.

When you say you are working with the API, I presume you mean the OpenAI API and using something like the completes endpoint and a model like the text-davinci-003.

It is my understanding and experience that you are correct, this facility does not have any memory of conversations.

As far as I am aware ChatGPT is not available via in API.

Does that help?

Hi @SpecT

Current, there exists no “ChatGPT API” as you mention above and in the title of this topic.

The API (today) is an OpenAI API, and there is a significant different between the OpenAI API and the ChatGPT application.

Yes, the OpenAI API does not have any default (session) method to use the prior prompts and completions in an API call. You must manage the session layer when using the OpenAI API (at this time).

Be patient as the new ChatGPT API is coming soon.