GPT can't remember previous conversations

hello i’ll make chatGPT program for practice my programing skill
I want to create a program in exactly the same form as chatGPT
i use GPT 3.5 turbo
In process occur some problem
My GPT can’t remember previous conversations.

For examples {
‘user : I’m trying to do a project related to artificial intelligence, can you recommend a proper name?
assistant : “AI Brainwave” or “Natural Mind” may be the appropriate name.
user : It’s a project about natural language processing’
description of natural language processiong

on chatGPT and playground
they recommend proper name

help me…

As far as I understand, the GPT model only recognizes the conversation included in your API request, as well as any information it has learned up until September 2021. Therefore, you must maintain the entire conversation while using the model, with a restriction on context length of 4k.

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As @EugenS suggested, you must include the entire/relevant part of conversation in your api call to the chat completion endpoint, in order for the model to generate within context.

I’d recommend reading docs on Chat Completions and then making api calls.