Chatgpt API Data retention in API calls

I am having queries regarding newly released gpt-3.5-turbo. If I am sending a Long paragraph(Domain data) through gpt-3.5-turbo API. I am asking a question along with data in the first API call. If I am trying for a second API call with question alone. Will the model answer the question in the context of previously sent data. If so this data will be available everytime , like it is maintained with chat or session id ? Because I saw the data retention policy in documentation. It is mentioned as you will delete API data after 30 days. Can you clarify this query ?

No. That is up to you the chatbot developer to manage the session and keep the data.

This policy is for “data abuse” research and security, not for managing user chat sessions.

There is no “you” here. We are developers and OpenAI customer support is not active here.

Yes, the data retention policy is for cybersecurity and abuse research, etc. It’s not for managing chat sessions.



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