ChatGPT Android App incompatability bug/issue

Well this was a fun discovery!

I can’t tell if this is intentional, or just a bug, but considering I got my android phone in 2021 on Christmas, making it barely over 2 years old, I sincerely hope OpenAI is not deprecating android phones that to me are not that old.

My device specs:

  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Android v. 13 (latest update installed)

ChatGPT App Version:

  • v 1.2024.004 (Beta)

I am aware that getting out of the beta version may solve an issue, however, the point of beta versions is also to test for issues. To me, this just seems rather unusual for the #2 most downloaded app in the play store. Also, if any new “stable” version is meant to deprecate anything in Android 13, we gotta talk lol.

Somethin’s up, and I smell “bug”, but I can’t verify this, and I don’t see much activity on this yet, so I’m a bit perplexed. This doesn’t happen to me that often.

You don’t have any description of what that “bug” is…

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 (and a backup).

Just checking again, from it working at the start of January, the app is just showing a spinning and churning progress wheel in the middle.

So some update broke it. The app is basically a wrapper for the device’s browser, so maybe the client code has gone stinky. Or they are trying to break out of their jail with methods not supported.

Update (9.1MB). Same thing. Non-rooted OS. 6.0.1


My apologies.

The bug itself to me is the fact that ChatGPT is unlisted on my play store, and pulling up the details on the store from the app I already have, it says “This app isn’t compatible with your device anymore. Contact the developers for more info”.

When I try to use the app, it just says “unable to make request” and it’ll keep giving me that error, making me think it’s pretty close to what you expressed:

I think somebody borked the client side code. Either that, or yeah, they’re trying to implement something in the client side that’s locking android users out of the app for some reason.

Idk how the Play Store operates to determine app compatibility criteria, so I have no clue how to id what kind of bug would even do this. That’s what I’m saying, its a bit unusual from what I’m used to.


I’ve got another Android 9 phone with version 1.2024.038 of the app, which seems to be working fine, except for a bit glitchy quality of the voice (it is a low CPU “android 2 go” that is perfectly capable of playing audio). The broke ChatGPT app version won’t even get to where it tells you the version.

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Probably, this could not be replied to by anyone other than _j.
When I saw this topic (What’s a bug? Nothing is described. What do you mean? Is it a future bug that should work on your same phone for the next 50 years?) so I could only be confused…

I’m pretty sure the bug is this:

Shit not working is sometimes the price you have to pay to be an early adopter :rofl:

I have an older smartphone with Android 11 on it, the chatGPT app is present in the store, I can download it, and it works.

So I think the issue here is the Samsung code related to the “foldable device”