ChatGpt always response network error

After OpenAI’s latest update, a “network error” issue has been observed. This “network error” issue is an issue that affects OpenAI’s quality of service and requires a quick solution.


It’s been a problem for me since around 2-3 hours ago. Assuming the last update you mean is the one on November 6, I haven’t seen a high amount of network errors since then until today. (I did have issues on the 3rd, though I think that was an issue with my 4G network.)

I’ve tried different Wi-Fi networks and mobile internet on both phone and computer, but I’ve started receiving this error a lot, especially in the last few hours, it has increased significantly. I did not encounter this many problems before the last update.

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It actually was super fast some days after the update for me. On the 9th, in particular, it was the fastest I’ve ever seen (which actually made me a bit suspicious about the quality).

Since earlier today, it’s definitely extremely slow for a lot of us though, and that seems to be causing the errors. This is the slowest I’ve seen it since April. The most annoying part is that the quality of the text I’ve been managing to get right now seems really good, but the network errors ruin it.

I absolutely agree, it writes a very beautiful text, but due to a network error, it cannot finish the texts.

I’ve received an unbeliveable amount of “network errors” today ! Its frustrating! I can’t get my project completed. And I paid for my GPT4!

It seemed to be getting better when I last used it a few minutes ago, but I won’t be able to test it properly for another hour as I unwittingly ran out of my allotted 50 uses thanks to the network errors.

Edit: Never mind, it’s still an issue.

I still getting the error message (network error)since 4 hours now. I am in middle europe. ChatGPT3.5 does not have the issues.

As far as I can see on, there doesn’t seem to be an error, so there’s no ongoing work to fix it. I don’t know what we can do about this, but this error is starting to become bothersome.

I’ve now managed to get 5 generations without any errors, and at tolerable speeds as well, so hopefully it’s fixed.

Last night, I had no problem optimizing some large blocks of code. As of this morning, I haven’t gotten through anything without a network error

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 08.39.50

By the way, it also gives an error when reading the code or files I uploaded along with this error.

Hello! I have same issues from last update. Is there something we can do about it?

I reported to support and I’m waiting for a response. Maybe if everyone reported the problem they would respond quicker.

It’s been good for me since my last reply here.