ChatGPT, AI future capabilities

ChatGPT, mobile app, ability to provide and analyze user provided Imagery

ChatGPT could provide images pertaining to the discussion topic with its users, which would drastically increase It’s users ability to further understand information or difficult conversations such as electrical, wiring, diagrams, map, location, images, engineering, industry, discussions, complex devices, etc.

I’m sure this ability is already In the process of being created, which is great, however, if not, I highly suggest initiating that process to eventually provide open AI, the ability to scan and analyze imagery for its users, and from its users.

A large portion of individuals are visual, learners Myself included Especially with questions about electrical, harnesses or diagrams, etc. that are very difficult to understand only text provided information. This limitation of open AI, unfortunately Direct me away from ChatGPT to Google images For a visual representation.

This process is fairly inconvenient considering ChatGPT is way more efficient, effective and dependable compared to Google with providing Correct information Or Tasks within an objective, however mention before very difficult things to understand, mentally or more effectively understood combining in-depth text information with imagery correlation.

I see ChatGPT becoming the go to search software for information, etc Versus Google search.