ChatGPT 4o download for Windows

That was certainly not what they expressed turing the unveiling

Probably because Microsoft is holding out to integrate A.I. directly into the Windows Desktop UI…

Where’s the app link for copilot? I can see it in the right side of the screen only!

Hi, maybe it can be that you’re looking for:
[Link to inofficiall app removed by moderator]

Your absolutely right, this should be discussed Mac users are clearly the minority, why on earth were they chosen to be provided with GPT 4o ahead of Windows users ? I smell a rotten deal here. Anyone else have an opinion?

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Could it have something to do with Copilot/Bing

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Does anyone know when the downloadable version of GPT4o will be available for Windows users to download and use?

Relax. The version for macOS ARM is not usable for many users due to various problems. Let them polish their software in this sandbox before investing time in making it universal.

The primary reasons for launching the ChatGPT app on iOS before Windows are related to development efficiency and market strategy. Unlike Windows, Apple does not have OEM licenses, which simplifies the development and streamlining process. The uniform hardware and software environment of iOS devices allows for more straightforward optimization and testing. Additionally, focusing on iOS first allows for a strong initial user adoption and feedback gathering, which can then be used to refine the app before expanding to the more diverse Windows ecosystem. This phased approach ensures the best possible user experience on both platforms.

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Sounds like we The Public are all being finessed for profit, yet again.

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exactly, publishing and polishing inside this sandbox and having exclusively feedback from a very limited hardware/software combos can in the end result in a faster stable release, even for windows.

hmm … let me ask GPT 4o

The irony of the Mac drop ahead of Windows for GPT-4 by OpenAI is interesting, especially given Microsoft’s significant $10B investment. However, it’s important to note that Windows 11 already has the capability to run Android APK apps through the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). This means that technically, Windows 11 can support GPT-4o.

There are a few potential reasons for the Mac-first release:

  1. Compatibility Testing: Ensuring GPT-4o runs smoothly across multiple system architectures (x86, x64, ARM) on Windows can be complex and time-consuming.
  2. User Experience: Optimizing performance and integration for Windows 11, especially with its ARM support, might require additional testing and refinement.
  3. Strategic Rollout: Releasing on Mac first could be a strategic move to target a specific user base and gather feedback before a broader Windows release.
  4. Resource Allocation: Development teams may have different resources and timelines for each platform, leading to staggered releases.

While it might seem mind-boggling, these factors help explain the decision-making process. The capability of Windows 11 to run Android apps, including potentially GPT-4o, remains robust, and the release timing likely reflects careful planning rather than oversight.

WSA has been abandoned by Windows because it is not as good as third-party Android emulators. I also don’t understand why, as an investor, Windows doesn’t get the priority to develop the Windows desktop version…

What?? Win11 chat-gpt version be released at least in november?? This is utter garbage! OpenAI took a $10 billion investment from Microsoft, yet Windows users are left out in the cold while Apple fanboys get to play with the new toy. It’s a slap in the face to the majority of computer users who rely on Windows. Priority should go to the platform that supports you, not the one with a shiny fruit logo! And there is no insult in here so read and try to understand what win 11 users feel!


I am not a OpenAI employee, just sharing what I know.

From my post that you replied to you can also see that I myself am waiting for a Windows version.

But as of today, maybe it’s because Microsoft wanted to publish their own Copilot solution and OpenAI decided to go with Apple instead first? Who knows what the corporate politics behind these decisions really are…

Fair enough! I apologize for jumping to conclusions. It’s frustrating when you’re eagerly awaiting a product and it seems like others are getting preferential treatment.


I have been using CoPilot and so far I am not impressed. Windows is opening the subscription OS model starting with the professional version of AI copilot at $20/month. It does not retain conversations. Its output is poor compared to ChatGPT (even though it uses openai). It cannot interact with your word documents. It cannot create anything in Excel. It is a chatbot built into windows that cannot actually do anything to the OS. If you tell it to change my document, it will tell you it cannot. You must paste it in. I do not know if this is the concept or goal, but you can buy third-party add-ins for Office that do interact with the OS, and they are either free, cheaper per month or a one-time cost. I would like to “drive” my computer with commands and questions. Apple (using Openai) will likely better integrate AI as part of the operating system (not a laughable chatbot). Finally, I have been using Copilot and pressing it to explain why MS does not purchase Openai. It said it would make sense because of the investment and future of AI. Microsoft is making its own AI, but I think it will abandon it. Apple or MS will likely buy Openai, which will have significant consequences. Do not waste your money. Try the alternatives. Search in the addins and also do a web search. I think this is the beginning, and it may get better, but it is too clumsy for me.

No, not just mac. I have an imac.

The app is just for apple silicon. So i have this imac on my desk thats obsolete because apple wants to forget their 4 year old 3000$ sales.


Yes… i am livid. thanks for asking.

Thank god its right next to my gaming computer, and their both connected with synergy. :smiley:

**Voice Input **: If you prefer using voice input, you can enable voice typing on your Windows laptop by pressing Win + H on your keyboard. This will activate the dictation tool in Windows, allowing you to speak your messages instead of typing them.

I bought a new laptop with a new Windows with artificial intelligence and realized that everything was damp and not interesting, and the Samsung company also gave me a TV))) in general, I’m thinking of buying a Mac Book for the first time in my life since I’ve been using Windows for 20 years, but I’m disappointed copilot he can’t even talk like gpt chat. Microsoft does everything wrong. and I really want a new GPT chat that sees my screen, and I’m ready to sacrifice a large amount and protect myself from Windows