ChatGPT 4 Slow/Hangs in Chrome Browser

I’m encountering a persistent issue whilst using the Chrome browser, where the responses have become extremely slow. Specifically, it frequently hangs mid-response for a long duration. I often have to refresh the tab, after which the response appears almost immediately. It seems like the response is ready but takes an unusually long time to display, possibly indicating a problem with the live update mechanism.

Additionally, while the response is either slowly updating or completely stuck, I’ve observed that the CPU usage for the affected tab spikes to around 25%. During these periods, the tab is entirely unresponsive.

This isn’t the first time I’ve faced performance issues; previously, it was related to the code generator getting hung up on specific syntax or keywords. Now, I’m struggling with the responsiveness problems, making the experience quite frustrating. :dizzy_face:

Has anyone else faced similar issues? Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, exactly same problem here. I found this by googling for a solution.

Any updates on this issue? Seems to hang on the response. I have to wait several seconds till i thinks it’s completed the response then refreshing the page displays the response.

What ChatGPT is not telling you is that this has become a Google vs Microsoft issue where Edge browser is the incumbent.

You think they are doing that on purpose?
Why would anyone use the chrome downloader to surf the web?