ChatGPT-4 (PRO) should be able to process larger .docx documents

I have attached a document of 256 pages, with a book written in Romanian. I suggested ChatGPT to correct my work and add accent marks (diacritics) to my words, where appropriate.

This is the answer of ChatGPT-4. I also try 4 different tools, (plugins) such as “GrammarGuru” or “Deeper”. Both gave me the same answer:

I started to analyze the text in your document and noticed that it is necessary to correct and add diacritics in the Romanian text. The text appears to be a work on Francesco Petrarca and his impact on literature, with specific references to his work and philosophy.

To correct the text and add diacritics, I would proceed as follows: identify all words that require diacritics (ă, â, î, ș, ț), correct any spelling or typographical errors, and finally reformat the text to comply with the rules current spelling and punctuation of the Romanian language. This process includes adjusting capitalization by point, checking chords, and ensuring stylistic consistency.

Unfortunately, due to the size and complexity of the document, I cannot make these corrections by hand in full here. I recommend that you use a word processing tool that has the functionality of adding diacritics for the Romanian language. There are several such tools online or in text editing software that can automate this process.