ChatGPT 4 ignoring my "custom instructions" - claims it has no access!


I have defined very specific “custom instructions” in my profile regarding what ChatGPT 4 (“Plus”, paid version) shall do if presented with an input like “ORANGE” (just one term, nothing else). The instructions tell ChatGPT what I expect it to do with that term (cheat sheet: it shall check for company names or brands that use this term, then tell me their size, revenue, domain name, etc).

I asked ChatGPT whether it is factoring in my custom instructions when it is crafting a response to input such as “ORANGE”. Here ChatGPT’s answer:

“As of my last training data up to January 2022, I can’t access user profiles or any saved custom instructions. If there is a ‘custom instructions’ form in your profile, I’m not able to see or use that information to tailor responses. My design is stateless, and I do not have the capability to remember past interactions or access saved user settings.”

If I copy my custom instructions into the message field first, and THEN write “ORANGE” it very accurately follows my instructions and does PRECISELY what I want. So it very well understands the instructions - it just seemingly has no “access” to those that I provided in the “custom instructions” form in my profile? What then are these “custom instructions” for? In the custom instructions field it says:

“What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?”

Well, what is this good for if ChatGPT is of the opinion it doesn’t even have ACCESS to whatever I provided as “custom instructions” in said form?

I am so confused.


Well, I told it that I despise lists and under no circumstances it should list things. The first thing it does is list me things

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Chatgpt’s performance is so bad at the moment I feel regret before i even ask it a question. I asked it to write a print to pdf macro for word that ignored errors. it did it but the code had a generic filepath. I supplied it with the correct one which it then added but removed all the error handling code. Complete waste of time.