ChatGPT 4 context length 2K

I have been using ChatGPT Plus for some time now, and from several tests I have conducted, I see that the maximum context window I can obtain is about 2k tokens.
Essentially, if I paste or attach any document longer than that, everything exceeding the window is not considered. I have noticed the same thing when creating GPTs; in this case, too, for the knowledge attached files, it can analyze and consider only a block of 2K tokens at a time.
For example, I had uploaded a file of all the posts on LinkedIn (over 200), and when asked how many there were (the posts were identifiable by an h1 format of date and title), it always answered 20, which means it could only count those within the 2k token window.

Is this just a problem for me? Have others experienced this?
The website states that the context window for ChatGPT Plus and Team is 32K.

I am having a similar problem. I have been using GTP Plus…then subscribed recently to Team version. But when asked, it keeps telling that the context window is limited to 4096…

Am I doing something wrong ?

What you are doing wrong is asking. The AI doesn’t know about its own parameters in its training.

The retrieval feature was all but offline all weekend, and is unreliable otherwise. It places just chunks of documents in at a time for understanding, relying AI search on something where the AI has no idea the scope of what it is searching within.