ChatGPT-4 consider a Name Change

I suggest a name change. ChatGPT-4 to Alice as in Alice “through the looking glass” there are quite a lot of similarities between Alice and AI.

I have been using GPT-4 to assist in programming. I find that “Alice” whilst a bit cold at times seems to be quite the willing helper when it comes to programming.

No strange responses. Yet!

One of the great things about the GPT world is that you can create a bot in the name of Alice and even train it to be more like your vision of Alice. :wink:

I think we tend to see these user-facing interfaces and imagine them as products, but they’re not. I think they are designed to intentionally not be like a product.

OpenAI likely anticipates many future iterations to their models. Numbers are more useful than names when you iterate on a particular product often.

I think your pitch might be better directed at Microsoft. They are using GPT-4 and have been giving names to their chatbots - Tay, Sydney, Cortana, etc.


Or to any of the millions of “copilots” hanging off of LLMs in the coming years. :wink: