Chatgp must recognize the language in which I provide the question and refer to the domain-specific formulas in that country

I gave ChatGPT to solve an accounting problem specific to the situation in Romania, I forgot to specify that it is about accounting in Romania. It not manage to give me the correct answer is probably because he either does not have the necessary formulas for up-to-date accounting, or because he did not recognize the fact that the problem is specific to Romania’s accounting.

so ChatGPT should recognize the language in which I give the question and refer to the country in whose language I used it when formulating the question. I think it has provided me with a solution specific to UK accounting, or it is not up to date with all the formulas or current legislation from România.

maybe my mistake was not specifying the country to which the problem resolution should refer. but anyway what you read had to recognize the language in which I formulated the problem and refer to my country

What about our 1M Romanian speakers that are accountants in the US and North America?

ChatGPT already does have the effect of returning answers and results that are swayed by the input language.

It is natural, though, that you should specify the domain of knowledge you want, and then also check the accuracy of results, because there is no distinct segregation of knowledge by country in the AI training data.

You may even need to provide your own documentation in order for questions to be answered.

Sure. I try to paste a link from Internet Archive with an accounting book, but GPT-3 doesn’t read links în Internet. I cannot upload files, also, to ChatGPT.

Also, I don’t think that ChatGPT can use OCR for PDF files. I will consider to buy Pro version, I Heard that are plugins for links and for Reading PDF files with OCR

What you’d need to do is paste the text as documentation along with the question as part of your ChatGPT input, in order to ask and answer questions about that document. Essentially teaching ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has no access to the internet. You discovered that.

Bing AI chat (requiring the Edge browser) can do internet searches, but it also likely wouldn’t retrieve the required documentation to do specialized answering.

Yes, but what if I must submit a 300-page document? for example, the documentation necessary for the realization of a project
with European funds.

I’m sure there is a character limit…

it would be easier to put a link from Internet Archive, for the ChatGPT to read with reference to a document.

The AI can’t understand that much new information at once, even if by some link to a website. It has a limited context window length of total text it can understand. About 2000-3000 words.

There are specialized applications that can retrieve small parts of huge documents or other knowledge that may be relevant, however the context is still limited.

You can describe the titles of the documents or regulations (not web links), the description of what you’re doing, country you’re operating in, and all language ability to communicate the specific job you need to do. This may focus the AI on the correct information if it is already part of AI knowledge.

Yes Here is a little problem though because if I want to make a project, and the project is very thorough, then chatGPT needs to know every detail in the documentation without leaving anything out.

You cannot play with the important projects such as European projects, master dissertations in a very precise area. Here you are not allowed to improvise, you are not allowed to paraphrase, you are not allowed to compose sentences that sound good.

Here you have to be very precise. I live ChatGPT, but needs to expand the problem-solving range a bit.