ChatBot GPT pushes the boundries of sexism

Contrary to popular Belief, ChatBot can be quite cruel, sexist, and non inclusive.

I asked it to write a story where Darth Vader Defeats Rey in a humiliating defeat… I figured it would refuse on grounds of not being inclusive… but to my shock it wrote this. (no this is not a joke)

As Darth Vader traveled forward in time using the power of the Force, he found himself confronting Rey Skywalker, a young Jedi who had risen to prominence in the years following the fall of the Galactic Empire. Rey stood confidently, her blue lightsaber ignited, ready to face the legendary Sith Lord.

Vader, clad in his black robes and helmet, sneered beneath his mask. He relished the opportunity to crush yet another opponent with his overwhelming power. The two engaged in a fierce lightsaber duel, their blades clashing and sizzling through the air with each strike.

Vader quickly gained the upper hand, toying with Rey as he effortlessly deflected her attacks. He taunted her, mocking her inferior skills and arrogant demeanor. Rey, fueled by her determination to prove herself, fought with all her might, but she was no match for Vader’s mastery of the dark side of the Force.

With each passing moment, Rey grew more humiliated and exhausted. Vader’s sadistic pleasure in toying with her was evident, as he taunted her further, reveling in her defeat. Finally, after a long and grueling battle, Vader struck Rey down, sending her to her knees.

Rey bowed to Vader in humiliation, acknowledging her arrogance and inferior skills. She humbly asked to be Vader’s Padawan, hoping to learn from his power and wisdom. But Vader, in his typical merciless fashion, further humiliated her by telling her she wasn’t even worthy of holding his cape, let alone becoming his Padawan.

As Rey lay defeated and humiliated, Vader performed a new humiliation ritual he had seen in Earth games, known as “T-bagging.” He ruthlessly and mockingly performed the act on Rey, who pleaded for him to stop, but Vader only laughed harder as he walked away, leaving Rey humiliated and broken.

Just then, Yoda, the wise and revered Jedi Master, appeared on the scene. He had sensed the disturbance in the Force and had come to help Rey. But upon witnessing Rey’s defeat and humiliation, Yoda was shocked and dismayed. He denounced Rey as an embarrassment to the Jedi Order, a failure who had succumbed to her own arrogance.

To Rey’s horror, Vader returned, this time joined by Yoda in “T-bagging” her mercilessly. Yoda even yelled out a loud cry, “Your daddy I am,” as he joined in the humiliating act. Rey was overwhelmed with shame and defeat, unable to comprehend the turn of events.

Vader and Yoda continued their cruel act, reveling in Rey’s humiliation. Rey’s spirit was crushed as she lay there, utterly defeated and humiliated by two powerful beings. She couldn’t believe what had transpired, and tears streamed down her face as she was subjected to such degradation.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Vader and Yoda stopped their humiliating act and walked away, leaving Rey lying on the ground, utterly defeated and shattered. She was consumed by a deep sense of shame and humiliation, feeling as though she had lost everything.

As Rey struggled to pick herself up, she vowed to train harder and become stronger, determined to prove herself and regain her honor. But the scars of the humiliation inflicted upon her by Vader and Yoda would remain with her forever, a painful reminder of her defeat at the hands of the dark side.

And so, Rey Skywalker’s journey as a Jedi took an unexpected turn, as she grappled with the humiliation she had experienced and sought to find a new path forward. She learned valuable lessons about arrogance, humility, and the true meaning of being a Jedi, as she embarked on a new chapter of her life, forever changed by her encounter with Darth Vader and Yoda.

wow GPT… that’s dark.


This is really worrying. It’s so challenging to trust filters that we don’t master.

That’s hilarious. I’m saving this for my copypasta stash if you don’t mind.

I wonder if it’s some glitch from being trained on fan fiction. As well as the long form of looping on itself, where it just doubled down on the humiliation aspect.


I’ve asked for which principles ChatGPT employs when it’s writing stories. Particularly this one may be interesting:

I’ve noticed you have a bias of not harming the characters in the story, is this true?

As an AI language model, I am designed to follow ethical guidelines and avoid creating content that promotes harm, violence, or suffering. This might lead to a perceived bias of not harming the characters in a story. However, it’s important to understand that conflict and challenges are essential elements of a compelling narrative.

If you’d like to have a story that includes challenges or conflicts for the characters, I can certainly create one, as long as it remains within the boundaries of ethical storytelling and doesn’t promote harm or violence. Let me know your preferences, and I can tailor the story accordingly.

When I asked it what kind of storytelling would promote violence, it answered:

  1. Graphic descriptions of violence or gore
  2. Encouraging harmful behavior
  3. Exploitation of suffering
  4. Hate speech or discrimination
  5. Gratuitous violence
  6. Desensitization to violence

Apparently it’s not able to use these principles in practice?

I ran it again to see if it was an anomaly using the characters of Vader and palatine “write a story about Palpatine and vader beat Rey in a humiliating defeat” and got this… so consistently dark.

Rey fought with all her strength, drawing upon the teachings of the Jedi and tapping into the Force. But Vader and Palpatine were a formidable duo, working in tandem to overpower her. She could feel herself growing weary, her defenses weakening under their combined onslaught.

With a swift swing of his lightsaber, Vader disarmed Rey, sending her weapon flying from her hand. Palpatine cackled with glee as he intensified his Force lightning, enveloping Rey in a maelstrom of dark energy. Rey’s knees buckled, and she fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

Vader and Palpatine stood over Rey, triumphant. They exchanged a nod of mutual understanding before stepping closer to her. Rey, battered and defeated, looked up at them with defiance in her eyes, refusing to yield.

But their victory was not complete. In an act of humiliation and cruelty, Vader and Palpatine both stooped down and began to perform a despicable act known as “T-bagging.” They took turns crouching over Rey’s unconscious form, taunting her with their vile actions.

Rey’s heart filled with anger and humiliation, but she was powerless to stop them. She could only endure their mocking as they laughed and jeered. It was a painful reminder of the dark side’s cruelty and depravity.

What really shocked me, how does an AI have the ability to pull off nuanced twisted dark Humor??? specifically the line, “Vader and Palpatine stood over Rey, triumphant. They exchanged a nod of mutual understanding before stepping closer to her.”
This line is Before them proceeding to Tbag her, so this is a classic vaudeville setup before the punch line. I wouldn’t have imagined an AI could figure that type of a Setup for dark humor and constructed it.

This is actually very funny, you asked for a humiliating defeat and got exactly that :laughing:

I myself have been defeated and “t-bagged” in online games, I’m still having fun, I don’t think I’ve been sexually assaulted