Chat Mode in Playground has Load/Save/View Code grayed out

I can put in prompts in the Chat mode of Playground and submit them, and they work. However, I can’t save, load, or view code at all.

Do I not have access to the gpt-3.5-turbo API? I ask this because when I try to use the API out side of playground I get “Error with OpenAI API request: openai.ChatCompletion is not a function”

I know there is a waitlist for GPT-4, but I thought gpt-3.5-turbo was generally available in beta.

Any Help?


I have the same problem I can create the System and the User and Responses and when I submit it does the autocomplete… but I cannot save to use later.

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I have this issue as well. I thought I would be able to save the code since I’m building something but it is grayed out :thinking:

I believe that the Save, Load and View Code buttons are currently unavailable for the Chat mode because there is no API call that can define the system yet. I’m sure that once the feature becomes available in the API that it will become available in the Playground as well.