Chat GPT web-app template

Hi AI devs,

I want to share that I updated the Vercel AI Chat GPT template to use:

  • new ChatGPT API
  • streaming

It’s available to copy and deploy your own version here:

Can I ask for your feedback?


My twitter @:

It looks very good!
Can you tell me how I would deploy that via my webhosting?
I know how to run this locally, but how can I integrate it on my website, without using any third-party except of my webhost?
I can ssh into my webhost and I have ftp access of course.

I think I can give you two answers. It would be really hard to explain here how to SSH/FTP to your host and copy paste files so they work with your node environment. So I would recommend asking ChatGPT that and having a 1:1 tutor-like conversation. Node/edge environment runtime is required for this example, so I’m not sure what hosting you have, but I’m sure ChatGPT can help.

As a second advice, I would deploy the app separately from your regular website and link to it from there.