Chat gpt not listening to text promts! goes off rails, Broken?

I tried generating some iterations of images, but after a while it start to generate same image over and over and over again, even when i asked it to stop, it was still going.

It feels like it is lacking creativity, and got stuck.

Also, it feels like quality is dropping. and even though i paid for subscription I am getting errors and blackouts sometimes.


I noticed the same thing. So frustrating. I wonder if there is a temporary solution or a work around?

Recently came across an article that talked about " Model drift - the phenomenon in which machine learning models, such as ChatGPT, demonstrate performance degradation over time as they are exposed to new input that they were not initially trained to handle." I think that’s what’s happening.

Why is it not being handled? I wonder if it grew so fast and there is not enough infrastructure within OpenAI to handle this.

I’ve ended my subscription, I’ve wasted a full hour and all of the messages on my plus account to get one good image… terrible.


Ugh…And, today its outputs have been THE WORST! Worse than yesterday or any time frame before.

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Honestly, i feel like its because their fake neurons (weights) dont decay or, because the weights should not have a cap.
Or Both.
but hey. what do i know…
but then again, they dont know either :wink:

i feel cheated paying for it. i might feel better if at least they will implement the new speech modes like they said they wood weeks ago during presentation.
just before they deleted SKY

Same for me. But with coding.

And then you keep asking something (wanted to see if it even reads what I am prompting) and it just ignores me and repeats the same wrong code over and over again.

Absolute unusable. Yesterday it was still ok and was really impressed how good it is to debug and fix broken code.

Today it feels like I am chatting with Siri or something like that. Actually Siri gives more helpful answers at the moment :smiley:

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looks like all they do to calibrate the model and guardrail it breaks it.
Feels like more they are trying to control it more it goes off rails and gives up

I have someone call me out on another post about how bad the image generation is…