Chat gpt gave the wrong answer, this answer needs to be improved

Chat gpt was asked whose birth anniversary is the biggest in the world. So he gave wrong answer, told that of Mahatma Gandhi, but this is not the correct answer. Right now the biggest birth anniversary of Bhimrao Ambedkar is celebrated in the world. This answer should be corrected as soon as possible otherwise the dominance of chat gpt will be proved wrong and we will fight the case.

Hi @VickyBajag

The biggest birth anniversary in the world is subjective. This means there are many possible answers. ChatGPT is not wrong. It’s just giving you a best guess.

If in the future you believe ChatGPT is providing false information, then the best way to provide feedback would be to use the thumbs up / down feature. Here’s how to do so:



I think its the birth of my child, so you are wrong :wink:

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