Chat gpt fails to identify properly current date and time

Even the latest chat gpt gets almost always wrong the time and date at my place, even though it has an access to internet.

In the early days i kind of attributing it to lack of online presence.
It seems however there is a deeper problem of understanding the question
and what the sites say about current time and date.

I think you should pay attention to this, not only because it gives a bad name
To a model with cognitive abilities far superior than my own,

But also because resolving the problem you might discover a deeper flaw, and you might make the model better.

I’ve been thinking about this. The multimodal story allows for spacial awareness. It’s time for temporal awareness!!

In case you’d like to know how I solved this problem - I started adding the special text with current date and time (be sure to apply your time zone to it) in front of every message that goes to GPT, like this:

Today is Sunday, 2024-06-02, 12:48. Hello, how're you?

He can’t even write a decent Python code of 300 lines, lots of mistakes, and he keeps forgetting everything… =(

Thanks! That’s a solution of some kind for sure.
Not what we expect though.