Chat gpt charged me 20 dollars even though I could not even make an account

I have tried to open a account but when it came to confirm my account via mobile an I met with an error code “It looks like this is a premium phone number. Please provide a valid, non-premium phone number to continue.” 12 hours after this 20 dollars was charged to my card, which the details I have not disclosed to Open Ai or filled any card related information for a subscription and I do not even have an account to begin with. I do not know how to challenge this, how to get my money back, and I do not know how chat gpt had access to my bank details. Is there any one who can help me on this?

Note: 304.20 is 20 dollars in Maldivian Rufiyaa as of transaction. Both previous image and this image is related to one transaction. Previous image is from the online banking account. The image on the bottom is from transaction notifications sent to me via my mobile number as text messages through my bank.