Chat GPT Alpha is here now? Did I miss an announcement?

Chat GPT Alpha? I see a change has occurred in the system. Did I miss an announcement?


I just flashed to that too, but it came back…

Elevated Errors on API and ChatGPT

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I feel like I’m excited for it just to come back. Maybe my topic of a community coup came off a little strong. ;}
Ill hope for rain but will wait out the weather either way…

This is happening to me too.
Is this like, “Alpha” as in alpha testing? I can’t log in, and by can’t log in, I can’t even get a pop-up window to appear to even detail my account.

What in the world is happening over there?


Elon just dropped a Bombshell. Its probably another attack. Theirs something fishy about his source though. It needs more scrutiny. Source is a magician of chaos.

Are you talking about this?

It was already removed with a 404 error. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust this. I mean, who knows, I could be wrong, but again, way too speculative to determine any valid information from this. This looks like it’s coming at a very convenient time for the board of directors who are in hot water.
Even if it is true, I’m not on the p(doomer) side anyway.

All I want to know is whether or not there’s gonna be a ChatGPT next week lol.

I don’t know. I tracked the sources twitch and read some files in the github registry. It could be credible if the identity is verified as a past employee of Open AI. Its a twist that is still twisting.!&&p=f3777577f582fbc7JmltdHM9MTcwMDUyNDgwMCZpZ3VpZD0yNDYwYTI4ZC1kZWVkLTYwMzEtM2U3Yi1iMTAwZGZjNDYxM2UmaW5zaWQ9NTE4NQ&ptn=3&ver=2&hsh=3&fclid=2460a28d-deed-6031-3e7b-b100dfc4613e&psq=Xe+Iaso+Senior+Technophilosopher+-+Ottawa%2C+CAN+I'm+a+speaker%2C+writer%2C+chaos+magician%2C+and+committed+technologist.+I+regularly+write+articles+on+my+blog+and+give+conference+talks.&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly94ZWlhc28ubmV0Lw&ntb=1

Yeah, but the deliver method is extremely odd. Why not send this to media outlets? They have the perfect opportunity to hit OpenAI where it hurts right now, but they choose to do it…this way? Plus, when something is taken down that quickly, it’s usually misinformation.

Also, being real, this doesn’t sound uncommon from what I’d expect startup leaders to do. OpenAI for me personally wasn’t really on a good path until it became a for-profit company, and all this is saying is that people are upset that OpenAI turned into a for-profit arm. Their success didn’t actually start until after this. It’s the secretive arm that keeps claiming they know what’s best that I don’t actually trust. They were probably pushed out for good reasons. We might not even have a ChatGPT nor this community if it weren’t for the restructuring.

Again, from my perspective, it doesn’t change much whether it’s true or not. All I want is for ChatGPT to work again lol.

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Absolutely not true. The source of media is filtered through long chains of command that use context and wordsmithing to get the message they want out. I wouldn’t see the influence of the giants in this myth like few days to be unable to smothers brothers this story. I have a lot of suspicions about Elon but truth finder isn’t one of them. When he ran the 2 links to war info a few months ago it led to a really deep dark look into media tactics.
I suspect this story is true and that there will be major news within the few hours about this.
I didn’t dig to deep into the identity of the source as I hit a few data points that suggest to me credibility if the person is found to be a former employee of Open AI. The file I read was very detailed about certain topics. I am sure there is a history dump somewhere with the actual doc. History of the source shows extensive programing and engineering.

Free Gpt, Free Gpt… chant murmers in background.
I agree. I hope for the best but Have full acceptance to whatever happens I guess.
What are you going to do for AI stuffs if OPAI dumps? XAI?

LOL nah, just keep building, using Huggingface and other OSS tools most likely, or if I get enough Activate credits just self-host something like Falcon 170B. I still want to keep up with this community wherever it goes though. I’m starting up with or without OAI. They just make it convenient, easy, and cheap.

The source of media is filtered through long chains of command that use context and wordsmithing to get the message they want out.

That sounds like something Elon Musk would say. This might be true for CNN, but absolutely not for companies like The Verge, The Information, Business Insider, etc. I don’t think people realize media outlets push shit out fast, after they verify their sources. I worked in a newsroom before. What people think they do vs. what they actually do are two completely different things.

I have a lot of suspicions about Elon but truth finder isn’t one of them. When he ran the 2 links to war info a few months ago it led to a really deep dark look into media tactics.

I do. I would not call Elon a “truth finder” more so than a “pitiful internet troll with too much time and money on his hands to do anything other than piss everyone off.” Ever since he killed twitter dis/misinformation is at an all-time high, and he puts a blind eye to that but then tries to call himself a harbinger of justice when he attacks actual free speech outlets? Nah. I also hope you don’t mean “Info Wars”, because that is a very dangerous conspiratorial disinformation site.

I don’t want to argue though lol. I only responded to this topic because I noticed somebody else had the same ChatGPT technical errors. I want to keep this topic on that, not about my grievances and frustrations with Musk or the media.

Fair and valid argument. I have long term outlooks that may be differentiating the outcome, however. Perhaps the level of psyopery{my word. I coin here an now} will be exposed as testing runs to identify the reality, record it and run it through an algo generator and then deploy changes subtlety through filtering tactics refined through AI frameworks, hence Xai. Kinda convenient all the X connections in the source data on this one. Was waiting for another mad man to bring it up first. Don’t want to appear too consumed.
But I am bored. Still no connection…