Changing URL displayed for OAuth Assistant Tool

Hi team, started playing with the new GPT Assistants, they’re great! But had one small bit of feedback on it.

I noticed that when you use OAuth as part of the tools to connect the assistant to, during the conversation with the assistant, when it needs to connect via OAuth it prompts the user to “sign in with” and then shows a url. The feedback is to update the url that is displayed to the end user.

Here’s the rationale: as a developer, I might host the different parts of my backend under different subdomains that the end user doesn’t have to be aware of (“api”, “dashboard”, “admin”, “internal-api”, etc). However, since my API is hosted with the subdomain “api”, the current url shown to end users signing in says “Sign in with” (see example screenshot).

This might throw end users off who have no idea what “” is and might scare them off.

My proposal would just be to simply show the base domain name “” and just not show the subdomain. This would be more end user friendly and be easier to implement then a custom override (I’d also guess this is what 90% of developers would expect).

Thanks for hearing me out!