Challenge with GPT-4 insisting it "can't" do something and then doing it

I’ve had an issue where GPT-4 will say it can’t do a task and then after insisting several times it will do it. For example, today we were going through making a number of Chicago Style citations for a bibliopgraphy. For one of my books, GPT-4 repeatedly said that I should contact the publisher to get the information, then when I asked whether it was unable to get the information, it provided a perfect citation.

Wanted to post in case anyone else has had this issue. It did most of the citations perfectly, but occasionally seemed to get stuck saying something like:

“For a detailed Chicago style citation and more specific insights from the book, checking the publication directly or consulting a comprehensive database for bibliographic details would be advisable.”

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We are running into this issue as well with the API. We’re providing GPT4 with information prior to prompting and it says the information is unavailable or that it’s just a language model and unable to connect to 3rd party services.