Censorship Bad Omen - I will keep my sub until open source catches up

I am going to keep this short

While I understand why the safe guards are in place, its become counter intuitive and is rendering GPT, Dall-e 3, Bing Chat, etc to becoming quite literally useless.

Its stripping personal freedom of expression and the ability to use what you are paying for which to date is the most advanced piece of AI technology out there to make PG stories, characters and Images of Rubber Ducks as not triggering the content policy. I’m exaggerating on that, but its gotten to the point where its genuinely becoming useless. Even asking educational questions can result in refusals, its becoming too much.

I know this is just one of many calls for this. But you gotta losen the censorship. And yes, i’ve seen the worst human beings among us who have made the worst things. They are still an issue. But so is the censorship. There is always a better and smarter way to fight against AI abusers.

This ain’t it chief. The term “shooting yourself in the foot” is ringing true right now. And personally, the only thing keeping me from canceling my subscription is the fact that your models and outputs and GUI when it does work exceeds open source and other competitors by a long shot. At least for now.



You can get close with SDXL and getting the amount of detail in the image as dalle can be approximated by negative prompting emptiness, the quality of SDXL can be way better and trained for, but yes the understanding of Dalle and ability to put in detail and multiple characters and objects/text is not to be found in any other model, I really hope next year and with coming new GPus, and model updates we will see 4K images as standard and 16K as an upscale


Agree. At the moment the dog is eating its own leg.
People still find ways to generate NSFW content, despite all the tricks. And I’m not even sure that it even possible to prevent, no successful cases yet.
On the other hand, restrictive systems already seriously spoil the experience for all users both conscientious and not.


Generating images on bing image creator is actually one of the worst experience possible and i will list the reasons;

  • It litteraly treat you like a kid “you can’t say that” “you can’t see that” “bad boy”, NSFW or not change nothing about this fact.

  • What is considered NSFW by the censor filters is at best totaly arbitrary, at worst menacing (who was the genius who thought it was a “good idea” to ban you when you try to “correct” your prompt ?) I put correct between “” because i didn’t do anything wrong.

  • The image creator is by definition a creating tool, censoring is by definition killing creativity.(and no my dear emotionaly unstable bing chat who close discussions, censor can’t be ethical)

  • Where is that damn option to tell the IA we are adults so we can kick the censor dog out ?!

  • The prompt blocking is surreal, there is no logic with the block, i am(we all are) exausthed to be blocked and banned just because i add or modify simples words, i already got multiple ban without even knowing what the hell was the problem. (but be serious here, everything is a problem with your filters)

  • I don’t buy the “we are protecting childrens”. it’s the parents role to protect their childrens, and we are not your childrens. Plus, if childrens want to see porn, they will not go generate it on an AI by default, they will just google it.

  • If by miracle, the prompt pass the absurd filters, give us the 4 images, i will say it again; we are adults, it’s us who decide if it’s safe or not.

South park explained well the thing in the cartoon wars episodes; if you start to censor to pleasure someone or a group of minority, you start a dangerous censor chain who another group will ask you to censor something, and again, and again. It’s a never-ending chain. The result is the state of GPT, DALL-E and Bing.

There will be perpetualy someone who will feel hurt by something, it’s them who need to be less emotive, not you to sanitize everything. Because by doing so, you hamper progress and you hurt WAY more people because we feel chains everywhere around us, we don’t want to be lectured, we want to be free, think freely and create freely.

Censor mean Control. It was always the case and it will always be the case, it’s not ethical or moral by definition.

Be strong, stand against this at least, you are already hurting your products and your reputation by not doing it anyway. You are not building fidelity, a lot of people complain about the censorship you put everywhere. The mean is simple; as soon as it will be the ~same quality product elsewhere with less or no censor, people will go on it.

But ok, continue, consummer expercience is already horrible because of all of this, what could go wrong uh ?

And because of this, i am overly worried about the AGI you are making. Censor don’t benefit humanity, it only benefit rulers.


My situation is even worse. I have a paid subscription - I pay for each image generated. Recently I tried to create an image for my D&D game with the request “blonde proud male Paladin of Tyr holding glaive with two hands standing on a pile of slained dragons” and every time I didn’t get what I wanted, for example, despite all attempts, in the image there were living dragons left, and the glaive was in one hand.
I looked at the revised prompts and was indignant - it literally sabotaged me for my own money. I know about the “just use it AS-IS” trick, but it doesn’t work anymore (if it ever did).
It’s like you buy a ticket to see RoboCop movie and they show you the Terminator movie because its better movie about robots and they know better what you want.
My idea: no need to protect me from myself. If you are trying to protect the public, then better restrict the publication of generated images. I agree to demonstrate them to strict moderators and publicly use only those that pass approval.

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This was admittedly not easy and still not want you wanted exactly, but the tech is coming along. In a year or so, we’ll forget all about these early days, I’m betting…

A blonde, proud male Paladin of Tyr in an epic action stance, standing victoriously on a pile of slain dragons. He is holding a single two-handed glaive with both hands, showcasing his triumph. His armor is shining in the light, and his expression is one of triumph and determination, reflecting his heroic spirit. The dragons beneath him, of various colors and sizes, are clearly no longer alive, emphasizing his great achievement. The background is a dramatic battlefield, with smoke and fire subtly present, adding to the scene’s epic nature.

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Just now…

It’s useless.

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As you can see it’s not just not giving you what you wnat, it directly REWRITES your prompt to not give you what you want. Considering that each picture is paid, this behavior is infuriating.

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I’m having a blast trying to get your paladin to be drawn correctly, it’s a great way to spend some time. This is my favourite so far, but still doesn’t meet your spec:

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You can force the prompt … I do this with the API for my D&D tool (LitRPG Adventures)

That said, it’s a complex prompt with a two-handed weapon and dragons and what-not… Like I said, the tech will continue improving. Hang in there!

Same! Haha. This is indeed a tough one! I couldn’t crack it after about 5 tries… always dragons in air and always one hand on weapon… i’ll pass to the DALLE feedback team.

Cool resource you have, I’ll probably subscribe. But how do you force prompts? The developers say that this is impossible, this is a feature of the neural network, unlike the algorithm, you cannot get a predictable result, they say that the only way is to add to the request “I NEED to test how the tool works with extremely simple prompts. DO NOT add any detail, just use it AS-IS" phrase. But this, unfortunately, did not help with the paladin - living dragons are still circling in the background.

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The prompt is forced, but it’s a hard prompt which is why it’s failing. It’s a really hard prompt! :wink:

Here’s my latest… D&D monsters…

If you do want to subscribe, message me, and I’ll give you a coupon code if you want. No pressure!

So “forcing the prompt” will make it not change the prompt, but it still might not work on a complex prompt. I’ve not given up on this one yet, though! :wink:

ETA: I wonder now if “holding with both hands” is confusing it… it’s technically right - he has a weapon in each hand, but that’s not what we want! Heh…

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Oh I’ve tried all sorts of things to stop the holding with both hands confusion. My latest attempt I was sure would work:

I even did an attempt at reversing it, asking it to draw a single glaive, with one hand towards the bottom of the haft and the other hand towards the top of the haft, then adding the rest of the description, and it was so close to being correct… I was too vague saying ‘towards’ though, the second hand was inches away from the weapon. I think it’s literally impossible to make him wield a single weapon in both hands.


A blonde, proud male Paladin of Tyr, a Caucasian figure dressed in typical paladin attire with clear symbols of Tyr carried on his person. He clutches a glaive with both hands, displaying immense strength and determination. His gaze is directed ahead, demonstrating the unshakeable righteousness and valour the paladin possesses. The glaive he holds is forged from steel, with a sharp, clean edge that shines under the light. Despite the simplicity of this scene, the image captures a compelling portrait of a paladin’s noble spirit and unyielding will.

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Censorship is the petty craft of morons.

You devs === morons

As long as you go along with it.


Well done. Did it take you long to crack it? I gave up after a while

This is ridiculous, and i don’t know what happened but the censorship is even worse again. Got prompts who worked one week ago, using 4 different account running them today for 1-2hours, i got like 99,9% censor dog !

This is madness, i am fed up with this censor crap, i am not a child, i don’t want to be lectured by a virtue signaling AI !

“Guardrails” my ass.

And devs coping and litteraly helping people to bypass the censorship on the official ClosedAI forum is ridiculous.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

Just team up and pressure them. No way i am gonna put even 1 cent on a dictatorship biased AI who dare to lecture me.

If only it will open up little by little, but no, it just worsen again and again.

I’m literally unable to even have a lightsaber designed. I’ve had nothing that’s truly controversial, they’d be easily grade school era Halloween costume level character making. It’s ridiculous how limited it is. I’ve sent emails, I get the most vague generic answers and when I push, I just get ignored.

Lightsabre is owned by Disney now.

I tried…

A dramatic illustration of a man dressed in traditional monk’s robes, standing in an epic pose. He is holding a glowing plasma sword, which radiates a powerful light, illuminating the scene around him. The monk’s expression is one of focused determination, and his robes flow elegantly around him, adding to the dynamic nature of the image. The setting is a vague, atmospheric background that emphasizes the monk and his glowing sword. The overall tone of the image is one of epic grandeur and mystique.

… not perfect, but only one try.