Career Coach chatbot and Cover Letter Generator

This was a quick experiment I did while waiting for finetuning jobs to finish on another project. It worked surprisingly well.

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I’ve been trying to do something similar by instructing the ai to wait until it had sufficient information before making a decision. Perhaps I’m underestimating it, because it seems to decide it has enough information within one or two lines. I’m impressed you were to continue the conversation for so long before it decided it had enough info. Looking forward to trying to extract some insights.

What prompt settings did you use, btw?

This is great! I’ve been interviewing recently at some tech companies and used a similar process to prepare for the interviews.

You are interviewing for the job of Principle Software Engineer at Google. The interviewer is asking behavioral questions. Your answers will be graded based on factors such as empathy, proactivity, project management and conflict management
Interviewer: Tell me about a time when you had to make a bold and challenging decision.