Can't get quality google ads headlines

I am making my own personal service based on Open AI API. The task is to generate headlines for Google Ads. The problem is that I can’t get good, stable generation quality. Basically I get always very bad results. The results are very general, no specifics. (Even if I write in the prompt specifically that I need specifics). I honestly just don’t know what to do. Where is the bottleneck. Because I need to make a solution that will produce quality results for different business descriptions.

Which I’ve already done:

  • Gave input examples of well-written ads as a csv file.
  • Gave detailed data about company audience segments, short marketing proposals (social proof, product benefits).
  • Used different models (gpt4, 3.5 instruct)
  • Experimented with system prompt.
  • Experimented with message chaining ( used with and without system role)

I did probably about 50 iterations, but never got the result I wanted. I am using the gpt4 api model.

Here is my latest prompt:

You are an expert in creating advertisements for Google Ads. Your goal is to create an effective and attractive headline for Search Ads based on the specifics of my business.

My Business: 
Business Name: Horizon Timepieces
Business Description: Horizon Timepieces is a progressive online retailer specializing in providing exclusive timepieces to sophisticated customers around the world. Our brand, with headquarters in the heart of New York City and a strong digital presence, combines tradition, quality and modern design in every model to make every second of your life meaningful.
Product Category: High quality exclusive watches.
Target Market: English-speaking audiences looking for a watch that combines style, precision and individuality.
Main Product Features: Our watches offer outstanding precision and stylish design. They are not only functional accessories, but also works of art that can make you stand out from the crowd.
Market Segment: Watch lovers who appreciate quality and design and are willing to invest in an outstanding accessory.
Business Geography: We deliver our watches to every corner of the globe, providing fast delivery and quality customer service worldwide.
Competitive Advantage: Our competitive advantage is that we carefully select only the best watch brands, offering our customers not only high quality watches but also a unique shopping experience. We combine tradition and modernity, offering customized models that become real finds for our customers.  

Create compelling headlines for Google Ads by keeping the following guidelines in mind:

* Use keywords that are relevant to your product or service.
* Adhere to the 30 character limit for the headline.
* Avoid false or exaggerated claims.
* Make the headline conversational and address the reader.
* Provide a solution or answer to a problem your potential client may have.
* Include an emotional element that can grab the reader's attention.
* If possible, use numbers, statistics, or special characters ($, %).
* Emphasize the unique benefits or features of your product/service.
* Indicate any current discounts or promotions.
* Emphasize the main benefits of your offer. 

Based on these guidelines, create 5 different headlines for Google Ads for my product.

Can you tell me what other options there might be? I appreciate everyone’s recommendations!

Can you give it a one-shot or two-shot (examples of a “good” headline…?)

As it is, I gave him input on a whole table of really good headlines that I’m using in ads at the moment. It didn’t improve the results…

How did you present the good headlines… did you add bad or average headlines?