Can't access ChatGPT after upgrading to ChatGPT Plus

I guess they are making some updates, i think this problem occured only by this reason

Same here, I can’t use chat gpt plus. But I have payed for it.

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I have a paid Chat GPT account and still no access.

Feb 21, 2023 : Unresolved incident: Outage on all models.

I have a similar error. I just paid PLUS and i can’t access… “ChatGPT is at capacity right now”

What a shame, really. I feel cheated. With free ChatGPT I already had better availability…

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Same here. Paid for the Plus membership and then all I got is an empty screen, the main page isn’t even loading after multiple attempts and this has to happen right after the transaction went through. I feel cheated.

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I’m not sure anyone can access ChatGPT right now.

There’s currently a major outage across multiple models.

You can check OpenAI’s status page to stay updated.


Unfortunately despite having ChatGPT Plus Subscription I don’t have access. Money spent pointlessly…

Seems like it’s an outage

I paid for the service yesterday. Billed normally. But can’t use the service. That’s absurd!

I’m also unable to use ChatGPT Plus after being billed. It’s wild that they had this premium service out in production without the minimum care or prepare for eventual incidents.

@ruiconti @kaiocunha did you manage to access chatGPT-plus? I also tried subscribing today - payment was successful. But I still see upgrade button and it shows that I’m on free plan still…

EDIT: seems like outage today, again…

I get the error “Global rate limit exceeded”. Not okay when I’m a Plus subscriber. :roll_eyes:

Ya… I’m experienced the same thing… I’m also a Plus subscriber… I believe due to overwhelming request.

Even with the api, I think it’s a global server error of OpenAI not only for ChatGPT

same here I subscribed today and it’s showing as a free plan for me as well, honestly having the greatest experience so far

I have upgraded to ChatGPT Plus yesterday, everything was fine. Today, when I am trying to login, system is showing me ‘over capacity’ message. Also, it is displaying that I am using the Free tier. Weird!

I’m ChatGPT plus, but i get this error.

What’s happening?

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Same here! I’m so pissed off right now.

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Same here! I pay some days ago subscription, i use it normally but can’t log in today!
This is what I get: “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”
I think that they have some issues!

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