Cannot log out from all devices

I am new to this forum and have been looking for a way to log out from all devices. I log in to Google, so I don’t have a password.
TLDR, I have:

  1. Changed my Google account password @ Google
  2. Log out all the devices from the Google page
  3. Navigate to the support page for 30 minutes and get stuck in a conversation with a bot that does nothing.

I have logged in on my ex-partner’s laptop once, and I need to be able to log in from all devices to use Chat-GPT comfortably. Plz help. Going to the contact support page does nothing; the help button sends the user onto an endless loop of talking to a bot.

I don’t think adding a logout from all device buttons is that hard. Especially when chat-GPT is a web interface where ppl can log in on public devices. Currently, I have no way of logging out from devices other than asking for help, and I am not the only one here:

Please do sth about this. Refreshing a login token should not be that hard unless you are storing the token somewhere permanently. In that case, why?


Don’t worry! I checked. When we change password for the account, it automatically removes connection from all the logged in devices. You have to login ‘again’ to able to use the chat. But, unfortunately your chat history before changing password may still be there (In some cases).