Cannot cancel subscription


It seems that I am not able to cancel subscription because there is no button to cancel. Could you please advise?

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Have the same issue. How Am I supposed to cancel, I don’t want to have to pay another month

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Hey folks, please see this article with details: How do I cancel my ChatGPT Plus subscription? | OpenAI Help Center Reach out to our support team if you have any issues!

Do you think that I haven’t done it yet? Where you can see Cancel Plan button? I attached two screenshots

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I would reach out to support, it looks like you are not on an active plan based on that screenshot.

How to reach out to support? The second screenshot that majs posted which is the same as how I see it on my account shows that our plan is active. I also have access to all plus perks.

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You can get in contact with support via!

The problem with support is that they not reading chat “Not seen yet”. I have already reported this issue. Articles on the link that you’ve provided are not helpful at all


This is not the solution. So many people on discord, the OP above and me as well, are not able to cancel our subscriptions. Posting a typical solution that does not work for a major bug is not a solution and should not be marked as solved. OpenAI is not able to run a simple subscription service and will have so many credit card customers complain that I hope stripe stops accepting payments. This is ridiculous. The chat bot makes it very difficult to actually say what the problem is since the canned prompts are so vague. Then when you are actual able to type something, they say it may be a month to get a response.


Any updates? The clock is ticking and we haven’t got resolution yet

@SteveE just checked, your subscription is already canceled which is why you don’t see the button to cancel.

@ismailghedamsi you are in the same boat, your subscription was already canceled.

So, it was somehow cancelled before I even thought about cancelling it? Maybe the AI is in my brain and just thought in my subconscious weeks ago made it cancel my account before my conscious brain even knew what was going on. Is that what happened?

A refund just showed up on my credit card today that was dated a couple of weeks back. So, I paid and then the system charged me and then cancelled my subscription and then refunded my payment without me knowing or even initiating it? There is no receipt or acknowledgement of the payment in my account profile nor is there info on the refunded amount or reason or anything. Sounds really amazing, can’t wait for more of this type of thing.

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Would love to investigate further, mind dropping a note to so I can flag to the team, I am not part of our support group so don’t have all the insight they will.

Interesting, I didn’t cancel subscription by my own as well.

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hi, same here. I couldn’t cancel the subscription as there’s no “cancel plans” button . Neither do i have the “account” tab at the left hand bottom corner of the page. I can see “manage my subscription” under “upgrade to Plus” button . However, I did not see any " cancel plans" button anywhere unlike what’s stated in your article "How do I cancel my ChatGPT Plus subscription? | OpenAI Help Center " .

I have deleted my “payment method”. Would this help cancel my subscription instead since there’s no payment information?

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same problem
may be you are cancel or not
i have to ask chatgpt
i know thé answer : i have no answer from 2021

Same case here - I assume they have a problem with the Stripe subscription management but haven’t bothered to solve it.
If there is no way to cancel and they don’t reply, you can file a chargeback with your credit card provider.

Is my account already cancelled as well? I have a similar problem and I do not know if the solution has worked for me.