Can you please reset my free credits because it's expired before I even used it

Hi OpenAI Team,
I 'm Ramzi Rebai a ML engineer from Tunisia. I’m so excited to learn working with OpenAI api .But, unfortunately I have made a secret key in last March but never used it .So, I have missed my 18$ free credits to get familiar with openai api keys!
Can you please reset my 18$ free credits ? I need it so much!
I hope you understand and accept my request
Looking forward to hearing from you

You must have a significantly older account. $18 would pay for much more AI use than a year ago, so the free credit trial amount has been reduced.

A new account with a different phone number and email would be granted the current trial of $5. However, one can just put in $5 of prepay credit and immediately use your existing account.

There are no AI staff here. You could send a message via assistant and see if they are able and willing to do such a thing. An account that might never want to pay anyway may be seen as undesirable.

Also, it is against the TOS to create a new account to receive a new trial.

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