Can Raw excel file be uploaded to read the data?

If my excel file contains raw data or the file is not cleaned properly then will OpenAI API be able to read the file and give the answers from the file if asked?

Could you explain what you mean with raw data? In general, the more garbage you provide to any system to more garbage will come out the system. Therefore, I would encourage to have a workflow that cleans the data beforehand.

I mean the user is uploading the excel sheet but the data is not formatted. it is unstructured. It may have lots of null values which is not relevant. In normal ways data analyst use to perform ETL and clean the data before creating, displaying the Dashboard. So my question is what if the users uploads the unstructured Excel sheet, then is there any way that the openai api will be able to perform the basic clean of the data and then display the result whatever asked by the user though you suggested to have a workflow that cleans the data beforehand.