Can I still access OpenAI Codex 2024?

In March 2024, can I still access the openai codex javascript sandbox?, I discovered it a few days ago, I would like information on how to use it.

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The codex model has been deprecated last year in favor of GPT 3.5
There is no official sandbox feature available that I am aware off.

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My friend, how was a project like that discontinued?, it was possible to build an app in a guided way, and projecting video.
I can’t believe you unless you’re closed to the public.

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I’m not a OpenAI employee.
The codex model has been deprecated.

It’s quite likely that something similar has been implemented by sites like JSBin, JSFiddle, CodePen, etc…

But there is no sandbox feature that I am aware of in the year 2024 from OpenAI using Codex.