Can I sell Dall-e images created with the Chat GPT plus plugin?

I created some AI images with Midjourney and put it in stock image websites like Freepik and Adobe Stock.
If I subscribe Chat GPT plus and create images with the Dall-e plugin, can I put it in stock image websites too?

You have all rights—which are possible to have—to the images.

Yes, you can sell them, but so can anyone else.

You can put them into stock image sites (if the stock image site terms of service allow), but so can anyone else, and no one is obligated to pay them or you for their use.


Thanx, bro.
I think I’ll subscribe and do this.

Be careful with this. He is on to something in the sense that you are not granted Copyrights under US law for AI generated IP (whether it is art, text, code, audio, etc…). I own a company that uses human in the loop AI generated code for some projects, our lawyer has explicitly confirmed this point with us before.

However, depending on the context of the images that you are generating, be careful. The waters are still choppy in regard of whether or not you can be sued for using specific styles of an artist. Obviously, other people’s copyrighted content is protected. So don’t go making “Spaceship in the style of Covenant” or anything that infringes on other IP.

While I don’t think you’ll be smacked down by the Supreme Court or anything, you might get stern cease and desist letters from someone if the style is too close. A good way of checking is by doing a reverse image search to make sure you are not too closely related to anything.

Good luck man.