Can I get GPT4 API Key for free?

Hello, I’m trying to run project from youtube and I got error: “The model gpt-4 does not exist or you do not have access to it.”. After all, I realized that to run this project I need to have gpt-4 API key. So, may i get GPT4 API Key for free? Nowadays I am student and I learning AI, neural networks and I want to create my own project with default project from YouTube

There is no more free trial credits, and GPT-4 models have always required a paid account that has made payments in the past.

You’ll have to put your own $5 towards purchasing prepayment credits to use the API and unlock GPT-4 models.

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But where I can purchase for $5 ? I only see $20 is the site to manage an API account. You likely see a ChatGPT subscription price, the separate web chat AI end-user product.

You can set a monthly budget in your billing settings(opens in a new window), after which we’ll stop serving your requests. There may be a delay in enforcing the limit, and you are responsible for any overage incurred. You can also configure an email notification threshold to receive an email alert once you cross that threshold each month. We recommend checking your usage tracking dashboard(opens in a new window) regularly to monitor your spend.

For customers managing work with Project, you can set and manage billing restrictions per project(opens in a new window) in the Dashboard.