Can i call 2 functions continuously in assistants API?

Can the assistant call two functions consecutively based on the user query? Will the requires_action status appear twice consecutively?

If there’s need for it it’ll bundle all the functions it needs to call in a single call and in turn you’re to submit all the outputs for what it’s requested. If am not wrong I think this is what they termed as parallel function call.

Yes, the AI can iteratively call its tools without needing an immediate response to the user.

AI wrote garbage code sent to code interpreter which returns an error? It can try again, and again, and again…

yes it can like _j mentioned, you can test it by using get_weather function and ask for weather of New York but send as tool output San Francisco instead, the API will call get_weather again until you send the correct one or send some error status. But I don’t think this is your use case, so what do you want to achieve?