Can GPT-4 Be Trusted as a Reliable Teaching Tool?

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently come across GPT-4 and I’m considering using it as a teaching tool for my hiher studies. However, I have a few concerns and would love to hear your experiences and insights.

  • Teaching Effectiveness:

Have you found GPT-4 to be effective in teaching complex subjects? How well does it explain concepts and answer questions?

  • Trustworthiness:

Can I trust the information provided by GPT-4? How accurate and reliable is it in delivering factual information?

  • Limitations:

What are some limitations you’ve encountered while using GPT-4 as a teacher? Are there specific areas or topics where it falls short?

  • Comparison with Human Teachers:

How does GPT-4 compare to traditional teaching methods and human teachers? Are there specific scenarios where it excels or struggles?

  • User Experience:

If you’ve used GPT-4 for learning or teaching, what has been your overall experience? Any tips or best practices you can share?

I appreciate any feedback or advice you can provide. Thanks in advance!

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Trustworthiness: 0

  • not reliable
  • certain topics are off limit
  • privacy concerns
  • there’s a skill floor - you need to learn how to use this tool properly.

Comparison with Human Teachers:

  • You will rarely have to fear that you’re wasting an LLM’s time. as such, you may be more inclined to ask really stupid questions, which is good.
  • There is little that the LLM doesn’t know, in terms of factual knowledge. There was never, and will never be a human that knows as much.
  • The LLM will always point you in a certain direction. You need to double check the accuracy and use a bit of critical thinking, but it’s excellent at attacking topics and finding the right questions to ask.

Its very reliable, if you know how to use, consider always check and analyze the response, if you fine tune with custom instructions and create your own gpts its a great tool, getting better everyday, there is a lot and i mean a lot teaching platforms using gpt4 as “knowledge base” behind the scenes for many purposes indeed, enjoy the adventure.

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Customization is key. I would advise against using the vanilla model as a teaching tool - rather, it would make sense have custom GPTs built for different contexts and tasks. Skillful prompting makes all the difference…

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Yes, it seems like custom GPTs do a better job depending on what you’re trying to learn/teach. But I have been trying to use it to learn electronics and circuit design/components involved in circuits, etc. It has told me conflicting answers, changed its answers and told me stuff that is straight up wrong several times, wrong answers that could be dangerous to your health if I had acted on them and not fact checked before implementing, so for anything serious it’s not quite there yet, but it’s still gets the majority of those answers right. Majority just isn’t enough for serious learning on a big scale.

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