Can ChatGPT Remember Past Interactions Even After Chats Are Deleted?

I’m using GPT-4 (plus subscription) and I thought that memory was only related to existing chats, but this is what I’m experiencing.

A couple of weeks ago, I was showing how ChatGPT works to a good friend of mine. I took a picture of both of us and his son, then I sent it to ChatGPT via the iOS app, telling it the context of the photo (names of my friends), chatting by voice. ChatGPT gave a description, and the demo was fun and accurate.

I’m used to clearing all the chats to keep the app clean. Yesterday, I went out with the same friend of mine to have a beer and while driving, I told ChatGPT that I was having a beer with my friend and asked if it knew him. It replied, “Sure, I know . He’s your friend who has a son named . You took a picture with him.”

I know OpenAI keeps chats for 30 days, but I don’t think this is the answer. How can it remember what I told it many days ago while I delete all the chats every day?

Ok I got the answer.
I just realized it today.

Anyway I ain’t got the Manage Memory menu.

GTP is having hard time to remember what you tell him 2 minute ago in the same thread…

remembering your friend like this is quite surprising tbh…

Actually, it’s working and, to me, it’s a real killer application.

The only drawback is the lack of a menu in the settings, but you can tell it to forget some things just by talking to it, as described on the OpenAI page.

I have had experiences like this too. Some really random, arcane detail that I included in a chat comes back after I deleted all chats and memories. I don’t have any more information on how and why, but I can validate for you that it’s not just you.