Can chatgpt be fluent in a specific language?

Is it possible to train GPT the model 3 and 4 on a specific language for it to become fluent in it? Like how chatgpt is trained on the 2022 and 2023 internet?
the language I want is Kurdish, it’s spoken by a lot of people but since Kurdistan isn’t a country many don’t bother to make a translation app for it, and I tested the model 3.5 (basic model) and it was super primitive and wasn’t even able to say one complete sentence in proper Kurdish. I want to feed it Kurdish videos and texts and somehow train it to be fully fluent while training it to know which word means what in English so it can also translate perfectly, but does such thing exist? Like can it be done?

Hi @AlanZahir - thanks for joining the community.

The short answer to your question is that it would not be possible to teach GPT a new language through the fine-tuning process that is available to the public.

However, depending on the specifics of what you are trying to achieve you might rely on other methods to achieve a translation from/to Kurdish and another language that GPT already masters.