Can AI get a persons IQ from years of blogging?

We have today people writing about conspiracy theories and some people seem to believe them
and that is a problem.
One way to wake people up is to find these peoples school grades
so that people can compare to scientists and academics.

But I have a question.
Is it possible to make a AI to be able to see a persons IQ from years of blogging and other information on the internet?
There are hundreds or maybe thousends of people
who have taken IQ tests and that have been blogging for years.
Could an AI be able to find patterns in thise peoples text and connect it to its IQ and then be able to find IQ of people only with these neural patterns?

Because then people could compare conspiracy peoples IQ with scientists and academics IQ.
It could help people understand what kind of people who is writing conspiracy theories.

Regards from Sweden

No. IQ is, amongst other things, a measurement of a person’s brain speed. Static text cannot measure speed.

It probably could find correlations between text they have written and what kind of a person they are or some other things. It might be interesting to investigate.


I believe this is possible if AI can get enough material/text per person to train its neural network on.

Finally people will be able to elect politicians and other to higher positions on their ability to use their head.

Lets hope for the best.

Regards from Sweden