Bullet point to Paragraph

So I wanted to make a tool for explaining any input bullet point into 3-4 lines ( like a small paragraph).
I am using the Curie engine and want some help with the parameters.
My current parameters are-
frequency_penalty - 0.2
presence penalty - 0.4
Temp - 0.8
Top P - 1
Every time I tweak some of the frequency penalty and presence penalty, I get some results but I can not decide how to get down on a particular setting. Can anyone give some inputs on how to handle both the Frequency penalty and the Presence penalty at the same time?

I crank up both presence and frequency to 1.0 or even higher with the latest updates. Too many time gpt responds with copy-paste text from the prompt that is unrelated to a current query. Works fine for me for 40+ implementated features

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Ill try that! Thank you for the response :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’ve been working on a similar problem, do you mind sharing an example prompt?