Building the worlds first self replicating machine

Who can code, engeneer, or assemble systems from existing software, and wants to build the worlds first one of these?

Idea 1: Requires GPT-3, a Yolo Network, speech to text, text to speech, and a really basic robot with wheels, a Raspbery PI, a microphone, and a speaker. Replicates by talking a human through how it’s made.

Idea 2: Requires a 3D printer, self correcting mechanical mechanisms, possibly a universal measure it can compare things against, tesla valves, 3D printer plastic, no metal, and it’s powered by the flow of water.

Idea 3: It’s a network of connected components, somewhat resembling a model railway, in some respects far simpler, has routing, each component does very little alone, but the network as a whole can expand, reason, and sense on its own given basic parts.