Building an AI chatbot that do specific proper recommendations of properties for real estate?

Building an AI chatbot that do specific proper recommendations of properties, appointment a call, and finding buyers and sellers on the market , automate paperwork , to organized data for REAL ESTATE AGENCIES in 2024 would it be profitable?

Sure, like most ideas it’s possible that this could be profitable, but just building something in a vacuum is unlikely going to do it. There are a lot of variables on whether a business becomes profitable and even then it’s a bit of a crapshoot.

Perhaps a better way of looking at this is whether or not there is a market for this. The right question to ask when starting any company is ‘What problem am I solving?’. What your describing sounds like it could be really helpful to the real estate agent community, but that’s probably a better question to ask them than us.

I couldn’t find a real estate community but I have questions though can I build it with python and ai

The manner in which you’re asking leads me to believe the answer is “no.” It’s unlikely you could build this.

It sounds like you have a very broad, very vague idea to do something with AI related to real estate, but it doesn’t sound like you have any real experience or expertise in AI or real estate.

Why do you want to do this?

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I am still in day 1 learning python and also I don’t have the experience in real estate and the reason I want to do this because I want to start making money so I wanna know your suggestions , feedback and criticism please

  • Learn to walk before you run
  • Learn to crawl before you walk

Look, I’m not your dad—you can do what you want—but this absolutely isn’t a first-project level of complexity.

I don’t have the domain expertise to even begin to tell you what you’d need to do to even start a project like this, but that’s the point—neither do you.

Here’s my advice, start with some domain you know exceptionally well and do something tiny in that area first.

As a solo dev who doesn’t know how to code and doesn’t know anything about AI, you are years away from any hopes of creating a functional product and, even if you manage to eventually do so, you’re many years still further yet away from making money.

Something, something, cart, horse…

It’s impressive that you’re looking to build an AI chatbot for real estate agencies!

I did a quick keyword analysis to see the demand and there’s about 70 searches a month for real estate agent ai. I’m not sure if that’s the right vertical for you but I’d spend some time on G2, Capterra, Indiehackers and see if there’s a real demand.

The potential for a tool that provide property recommendations, schedule appointments, find buyers and sellers, automate paperwork, and organize data is a good one but not light work. It can undoubtedly streamline operations and add value to real estate professionals, making their work more efficient and effective.


Building a chatbot is only the first step. To truly reap the benefits and ensure profitability, it’s crucial to invest in promoting the chatbot. Effective marketing strategies are essential to attract users and demonstrate the chatbot’s capabilities. This could include targeted advertising, engaging content that showcases the chatbot’s features, and leveraging social media platforms to reach a broader audience. Additionally, consider partnerships with real estate firms and participating in industry events to gain visibility

Have you checked the GPT Store?

A search for realestate shows

Many such ideas are low hanging fruit and most likely have been done. Even those that have created such find that getting people to use it is one thing then to profit from it a possibly harder problem.

Ok what about a web scraper for real estate agencies

I was doing websites before Google was public, ever heard of AltaVista? This is similar, everyone thinks AI is a magic touch to make money. Same with websites then, many did not understand the true formulas for how to build upon the ideas to make more money.

In short, my advice is the fact that you ask the question means you should not be venturing into the area. However you are free to choose.


Ok so what do you suggest

Sorry but I don’t get involved with such questions, I only responded because the question needed to include the GPT Store and to at least give everyone reading this that AI is nothing magical, it may seem like that but it is not.

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In no particular order,

Learn to Code

Learn to Build a Chatbot

Learn About Real Estate

Review existing Real Estate Data Science Projects


Your reply surely looks like something AI generated, if so care to share the prompt.


I have achieved convergence!


I get it,

Convergence - you ask the AI to many questions then you turn into the AI without realizing it.

Remember that one definition of a joke is the juxtaposition of an idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is Harvard python course free there were saying it’s free I don’t know

I have to take a guess at which course you mean

There is

and it notes

Audit for Free
Add a Verified Certificate for $219

The course was taken from this list


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Yes I was talking about the Harvard course all of them are free like this one

except to get the certificate you have to pay
I am sorry English is not my first language that why I asked

Thanks for sharing that, in that case I will explain.

Audit for Free

This means that you can take the course but can not participate by asking questions, taking quizzes, test, etc. You just observe like watching a YouTube video and you do not get the certificate. As with these courses you get out of it what you put into it.

Add a Verified Certificate for $219

This gives you an official certificate. I don’t know if you only get the certificate if you pass the course, could not find note of such on the site. For this you should be able to ask questions and will most likely have to pass one or more test and hand in assignments. Again could not find the details on the site but then I did not sign up or log in to find out more.