Building a RAG System with Predefined User Prompts/Questions

Hello everyone,

I am interested in building a RAG system and would like to know if it is possible to initially prompt users with a predefined list of questions to help build the knowledge base.

The idea is to start the interaction with users by presenting them with a set of specific questions. Their responses would then be used to create and refine the knowledge base that the RAG system can draw upon for future queries.

Has anyone implemented a similar approach, or does anyone have insights on how to effectively integrate predefined questions into the initial user interaction phase for a RAG system?

Looking forward to your suggestions and experiences!

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This looks tricky only using openAI. However, tools like kommunicate which provides options to design initial workflow using intents like suggested questions or reply along with openAI integration for RAG, can be used to achieve the usage case.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will check out kommunicate

Sure. hope I could be of any help for you.