Building A Humanoid With ChatGPT

I am building a humanoid and want to use ChatGPT to talk and learn from me. I am thinking about also using ESP-32. I want to add SSD to store memory and details. I am hoping to start the AI on my laptop in hopes it’s learn before transferring to the humanoid. I want to keep it always on listening and watching. I am creating a recharge station for her which is basically a chair. When power level is below 15% she will let someone know she is tire and at 5% will sit down and sleep until it charge to over 50% or someone turns it on.

I am looking for help or advice on getting this done. I am 3D printing parts and ordering different electronics.

First, welcome to the forum!

It’s not clear from your post, what experience do you have building complicated robotics and/or developing sophisticated AI platforms?

Also, what is your end-goal for this project? Because what I’m imagining from your brief description sounds like a major undertaking requiring teams of experts.

Somewhat new. I am teaching myself by building an Inmoov and a Mark 1. I am 3D printing parts and ordered some electronics and servos from different websites. I am trying to teach myself programming and artificial intelligence while waiting for the parts to print. I noticed that the Mark 2 is using ChatGPT.

I know it will most likely take years but this is a personal robot but I am sharing my progress online just in case someone else is building one.

You can look me up on Facebook or YouTube.

Sounds like an interesting project!

I, for one, would recommend you pick one thing to learn/work on first, start small, then build from there.

It’s very easy to dream up a huge project and end up frustrated and discouraged. You’ll likely have better long-term results if you aim a little lower to start and begin with a series of small triumphs.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the luck in the world.