Building a GPT for a bank’s compliance activities. Is it possible?

I am looking at this potential use case:

Building a GPT that can ingest a bank’s in-house processes, policies, procedures, and controls and run them against applicable laws and regulations. Is this possible with a no code low code solution? If so, how? Relatively new to this and looking into this as a use case for a client.


Yes, it is possible but requires a certain degree of preparatory work. My start-up focuses on the build-out of solutions of this kind. If you would like to speak, then we can take this under separate cover.

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I just posted a new project I did that is actually tailored for this problem (under /extending-chatgpts-deductive-and-logical-reasoning-capabilities/569484). You paste your current policies in and it turns it into a rule set that can answer questions in any permutation and form.

The code is open source too, and I’d be happy to chat to help you set this up!

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Note that the uploaded files and especially the interactions with the GPT may be used to train future generations of GPT models.
You may want to check if you’re customer is compliant with this.
Otherwise I think it’s a interesting use case. Keep us posted!

the training problem is addressed though if you implement the solution in a secure environment such as Microsoft Azure

I understand you are building an assistant not a custom GPT.
It’s the many tags and the category for the topic that led me to the commennt above.

Edit: I updated the category to API

Here is a simple example with a few rules, and it can scale up to thousands of rules with no hallucinations.

Hello! This is great. What would be the cost and effort to set this up for an MVP or POC demo? Maybe 1 process and associated procedures/controls to one particular regulation.

For a banking client, a PoC will likely require tweaks to the setup I used for the screenshots above to make it more responsive and presentable, but should be very manageable (like matter of days once we have all the needed data/policies in place).

I intend to make the algorithm itself open source eventually, so there will be no license/software costs going forward.

“No hallucinations?” I don’t think so. The baking industry is already a hot mess, and you want to add a new tech to it that will most definitely hallucinate. Please don’t. For the sake of everyone with a bank account. Please just stop,now.

Great! How can it be set up now? I have a basic knowledge of GPT and have been researching CustomGPT and LM Studio

Lol if you think banks aren’t already using GPTs in much, much scarier ways. Using it for compliance is pretty tame, relatively speaking

I can’t send links to Cheemera here, maybe we can DM and discuss more about your user journey and use case there?

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To achieve what you are trying to achieve you will need to go down to the level of individual regulatory clauses. You also need to take into account the relationship of clauses on the same type of requirement across different regulatory documents (e.g. primary legislation, secondary legislation, guidance etc.). Otherwise, your results will not be very precise. To get this right and get meaningful results, there is a lot more to this and a level of detail required in order for such a solution to be deemed “in compliance” by a financial regulator.

I’m a bit worried about the tendency of Management Consultants trying to leverage the Forum here to get ideas “for free”, which are then sold at a rate of multiple thousand dollars per day to clients.


What is your use case? Regulators arent just looking for whether the bank has some policy documented. They are looking for whether they are following those policies, and will require sampling of instances that serve as examples.

I think your use cases above is more for the regulators themselves (or if the bank has an internal audit team). They can take a banks policies, procedures etc and see where there are gaps. Or they can take ALL the data (instead of sampling) to check whether policies and procedures are being followed or not.

This use case is more for the internal Compliance team. For example, compare policies, processes, risks/controls to applicable laws and regulations merely to identify gaps so then they can be remediated by a human. Additionally a second layer of security/check on existing processes/controls when compared to regulations if that makes sense

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I think you can use a foundation model. Add the relevant regulations as searchable content and to reference when having it review your policies and processes. Let me know if i can help.