Building a Data Analysis Tool Similar to OpenAI's Data Analysis GPT

I’m developing a tool for analyzing long PDFs full of tables, aiming for ~90% accuracy in answering queries from the data. My current approach is using RAG + Azure Document Intelligence, but I’m not sure it’ll match OpenAI’s built in Data Analysis custom GPT.

Anyone here familiar with building similar functionality or know of any available code/resources for this? Any insights would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I did see an open source version of code interpreter a while back, but it sounds like you are building something larger than that, sounds interesting, I’m sure there will be others here building similar systems. jr.2509 for visibility.

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Is this the one you’re referring to? GitHub - KillianLucas/open-interpreter: OpenAI's Code Interpreter in your terminal, running locally

Indeed, that looks like the one, yes.

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Hi @alessandroamenta1 did you figure it out? What was your approach?